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At Terraxis Commodities SA we are an advisory firm specialized in finance and commodity trading. Based in Geneva, an international financial and commodity trading hub, Terraxis provides its clients with alternative dispute resolutions methods, outsourced commodity Risk Management and customized Futures & Options derivatives trading education.

Terraxis SA is an Ombudsman Office recognised by the Swiss Federal Finance Department as per the Financial Services Act FinSA.

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At Terraxis, we offer commercial and financial mediation services that enables parties in conflict to reestablish a constructive dialogue and find an amicable solution to their dispute. Choosing Terraxis mediation services means giving yourself the chance to avoid a legal trial that can be long, expensive and random. Mediators at Terraxis are experts in their respective fields and their objective is to work with the parties so that they create and decide themselves the solution to their dispute, and this in the strictest confidentiality. The average duration of a mediation process is 2 to 5 sessions with more than two-thirds of success.


We assist you from the very first moments of a negotiation by optimizing your contractual terms in order to strengthen your negotiation power. In the event of a dispute, we either build up your submissions or be appointed by you as your arbitrator. In that case, we will pay a close attention to every details of the case and how they interact between each other within the dimension of time. This thorough analysis, along with our skills, experiences and common sense, allows us to fully assess and understand the motivations and intentions of the parties in order to deliberate within the arbitration tribunal a sentence that is appropriate, fair and loyal.


We offer customized training to your needs on :
  • Market risk management
  • Basis price mechanisms
  • Trading Futures and Options

and work with our selected partners to offer you :

  • Portfolio management
  • Compliance risk
  • Trade finance

Risk Management

To help you manage your exposure to market uncertainty, we offer a wide range of Risk Management tools such as :
  • Value-at Risk (VaR)
  • Stress test
  • Back-testing
to which we combine fundamental and technical analysis of financial and commodity markets to define a hedging strategy adapted to your company risk profile and implemented via standardized future and options derivatives for an effective, transparent and competitive coverage.

Terraxis SA is an ombudsman office recognised by the Swiss Federal Finance Department (FDF) as per the Financial Services Act (FinSA) entered into force on 1 January 2020.

You are a financial service provider and want to register your company at Terraxis Ombudsman Office to fulfil your FinSA obligation as per article 77, please follow these steps:



Register using the link below. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive your PDF membership certificate by email.

Your affiliation will be valid until December 31, 2021.



Make a bank transfer of 400 CHF incl. VAT:
Beneficiary : Terraxis SA, CHE-232.541.005
Rue de la Tour-de-l'Ile 1, 1204 Geneva
IBAN : CH 49 0024 0240 8959 7901 D
Comment : Ombudsman Registration (art. 77 FinSA)

Our concept

Be a fast, efficient and economical solution to your needs and help you save time.

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With Terraxis, you are going to :

  • Resolve your commercial conflict timely

  • Manage your market risk efficiently

  • Learn how to trade Futures & Options


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